About Skin Tightening and Body Shaping In New York

Thermage Body Shaping & Skin Tightening started with a simple premise: Find the absolute best non-surgical solutions for New York. Today New York serves many International clientele as well as celebrities, actors and those in finance as well as every day people.  Along the way another terrific option was discovered, Exilis.  Exilis like Thermage is radio frequency but requires 4 treatments for the face and 6 for the body, whereas Thermage only requires one treatment. Those who have both machines and do a lot of treatments will surely notice that although they overlap greatly since they are both radio frequency, Thermage seems to do a slightly better job on loose skin and Exilis is great and FDA approved for non surgical fat reduction.  Either is a great choice. Exilis can also be continued indefinitely. Thermage is such a strong treatment and there is an immediate and long term effect so that it should not be repeated in less than 6 months. Besides the immediate effect because the collagen layer has been stimulated it will grow and smooth out and tighten the area beginning at 3 months and continuing for up to 6 months. It is now more than ever imperative to find a provider who has been providing these procedures and has at least 7 years experience as a Thermage Pinnacle and Black Diamond provider. And as if that wasnt enough bootleg tips are now coming into the market from China. Do your homework and stick to those accredited providers with many years of experience 

Update October 2017 it has finally been recognized that the best results occur from combination treatments.  Precision Aesthetics has been quietly performing combination treatments for over 8 years.  You can contact them  at 212 799 1411 or here www.precisionaestheticsmd.com



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