Thermage Treatment

Thermage Body Shaping & Skin Tightening


About the thermage treatment and thermage cost. Thermage was the first to pioneer non surgical skin tightening and body shaping, To date it has performed more than 1,000,00 procedures making it the safest alternative in the market today March 2016.  We study every new option on the market both hear and abroad for safety and effectiveness. As you can see in this thermage before and after of the man, some would call it a non surgical facelift.  To date the only the only new alternative to Thermage which we found acceptable as far as efficacy, patient comfort, smooth results and safety is Exilis.  It is also radio frequency but requires 4 treatments for the face and 6 treatments for the body. We recommend finding a provider who has both Thermage and Exilis since they are both very effective and a great provider might even offer you a  combination treatment for all of your needs.  PS check out Acoustic Wave for cellulite. Its practically the gold standard in Europe for cellulite