Thermage tummy before and after 1 treatment

Exilis mans chin and neck

Exilis Woman's neck

Exilis womens tummy before and after

In the beginning all you had to worry about was number of pulses.  Each tip has a number of pulses associated with it. The cost of each tip ranges from $200 up to $1000 if the Doctor is buying the tips from Thermage.  So some of the pricing you see are a clear tip off of a sub par treatment and perhaps a dangerous one. So one way of "cheating you was to shortchange the number of pulses.  Also the tips from Thermage will calibrate with the machine and has the full faith and backing of the multibillion dollar parent company. In fact if your provider is buying tips from Thermage you can call them 6 months later and get the temperature of every pulse delivered to you additionally guaranteeing that indeed you were given a safe effective treatment.  I have seen those reports it literally will call out even one pulse out of a thousand that might have been too hot and let you know if the treatment was proper.  A clue for you is to go to the thermage corporate website and find a black diamond or pinnacle award provider. That means they are the ones who are delivering a very high number of treatments and have a LOT of experience.  Those who have performed thousands of treatments know form experience how many pulses to deliver to each area of your face or body. They have seen your body or face type before.  Bootleg tips are yet a new concern.  Its one thing to risk your $200 printer, but not your face or your body.  Just to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes. A proper Pinnacle or Black Diamond thermage provider spends at least $150,000 a year just on the proper tips to insure you are getting the safest most effective treatment.  Its obvious from talking to people that they indeed are not getting treated properly.  One lady told me her thermage didnt hurt.  Not possible.  In order for Thermage to deliver an effective treatment in one sesssion it has to be very hot to effect the collagen layer.  If you dont want pain, live in the NY area and dont mind coming 4 times ranging from minimum once a week to once a month for the face or 6 times for the body opt for Exilis.  Exilis feels like a warm stone massage.  Its bad enough if a bargain basement price doesnt get you any results.  The bigger fear is that it involves a high degree of risk for getting burned or an ineffective treatment.  PS Exilis is less expensive.