The best option is to schedule a free consult by calling us at 212 799 1411.  For your convenience  we can answer any questions you might have and speak to you about scheduling your consult seven days a week from 9am to 8pm.  However our office hours for consults are 10am to 4pm monday to Friday with the exception of Thursday and Monday only til noon.    Re Skin tightening;  We dont know how much information you already have about your various options. Have you been to our website seen before and afters ? Is it for your face or body ?  Are you particularly looking for Exilis or Thermage ? Is it just loose skin or some fat and cellulite ?  We offer free in person consults to determine if  we can even achieve your desired results non surgically and which technology or combination of technologies would get you the best results.  To give you a rough idea some procedures start as low as  $180 for a single cellulite treatment and many pay as they go.  Other treatments can go up to a few thousand dollars.  Many international clientele choose us for our expertise because they find us on the Thermage website and  already know we are the no1 provider in New York.    Others are new to the world of skin tightening and have a lot of questions.  We have been preforming skin tightening for over 10 years.  If you are just starting out I would reccommend you stick with providers that have at least 10 years experience.  Dr Zdinak chose all of our technology to get the best non surgical results with minimal to no down time.  
In fact we were chosen to introduce all of Thermage’s newest devices for the past 10 years to New York; Thermage NXT, the Thermage 16.0 and their CPT for the face.  We literally developed the protocols for Thermage.  We also brought the first Exilis skin tightening and non surgical fat reduction device to New York, helped to get FDA approval and also helped them develop their ongoing technologies.  We also did the original research on Acoustic Wave for cellulite which is the gold standard for cellulite treatment in Europe. 
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