People have no idea what can be accomplished non-surgically, without surgery.  This means no tummy tuck no liposuction, no needles. Simply a device that delivers pulses of energy.  Before and afters of the face, tummy, stomach or abdominal area can give you an idea what the best results look like.  As you can see practices share their before and after photos with Thermage who makes those pictures available to everyone.  So although in some cases the results are subtle some people have achieved remarkable, almost unbelievable results with a single thermage treatment. The key to a good treatment is to go to a Pinnacle or Black Diamond provider in your area, and one who has been doing it for more than 7 years.  At most practices the Doctor is doing surgery, research or injectables, and the technician is the one who has the most experience. That is what you want, a technician who has treated ten people a week for years.  That means they have treated thousands of people and they have seen your body type before and seen someone your age with a similar amount of fat or loose skin so they know what to expect and how many pulses to deliver to each area to get the best results. Also be aware that some practices have a machine but are all too eager to try to sell you surgery.  The thermage machine is to get you in the door and then they try to talk you into a $20,000 surgery. Ideally find a place who is invested in offering and providing the best non surgical options.  Places like that will have more than one machine.  When you see a place that has Exilis, Acoustic Wave Carboxytherapy and Thermage, obviously they are 100% invested in offering you the best non surgical options anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.